Transport til Faarup Sommerland / Golf
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Bus for Faarup Sommerland or football golf


Everyone in both boys’ and girls’ classes participating in Nørhalne Cup is given the chance to spend hours at Fårup Sommerland, which is one of Denmark’s most successful amusement parks and where all the rides are free once the admission price has been paid.

Tickets at a special price is an extra buy in Myteam - and day for visit is set to be  either Friday afternoon or Sunday.

If a team does not have its own cars or bus, we have transport available Lynetmedbaggrund2008 (2)
to take you to and from Fårup Sommerland.We can pick you up from where you are staying and bring you back following your visit. Price is 100 danish kroner pr. person

Once the final deadline for entry has passed, we will forward a number of forms that have to be completed. Among these is the option of booking a tournament bus for transport to and from Fårup Sommerland or football golf.

All teams also have the chance to play football golf. You can see more information under Events / Football golf

If a team can see in their tournament schedule that there is sufficient time to play a round or two of football golf, or if you arrive early or are not due to depart until somewhat later in the day on Sunday, then this is a great chance to visit Nørhalne’s football golf course. We can help you in terms of booking a time and arranging transport.

We can also be contacted on +45 9826 8675 during the tournament if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

Our Elite teams purchase an E card and their tournament schedule does not normally enable them to visit either of the above attractions, but should they find that there is time available, they are very welcome to contact the Information service in Nørhalne during the tournament in order to sort out a visit to Fårup Sommerland or football golf.

Contact us for prices and booking at CUP@IFN.DK


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Nørhalne Cup

Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup is an international tournament for Boys and girls and for Elite / Academy teams. The tournament is well organized and ran throughout and players love their experience, both on and of the pitch.

Idrætsforeningen FREMAD Nørhalne
Gustav Zimmersvej 27, Nørhalne
9430 Vadum


Please contact us for more information, ask for brochure or sign in the tournament.

  +45 4040 3856

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