Important info for team
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Important info for team


Thank you for choosing Nørhalne Cup / Nørhalne Elite Cup. We will do everything to give your team a great experience, visiting us. Here is some information, which will be helpful for you.  

  • Team Entry Fee – Nørhalne Cup
    Nørhalne Cup and Nørhalne Elite Cup take Entry Fee in advance. On sign in you will receive an invoice for the team fee, which have to be paid before your sign in is full registered. We forward an invoice for the rest amount on participators payment and other buy later. All teams pay on invoices before the tournament. The invoice will be send to that person and email – which you have to inform us. Deadline for registration team is April 1st - 2024
  • Register players and coaches
    Registration of players, coaches and other officials must take place via MyTeam and Register Playerlist 
    Deadline for registration is April 8th 2024.

    It is important that we receive all information by this date, as your invoice will be based on this information and must be paid prior to Nørhalne Cup.
    Various additional purchases and services can be ordered on the website, in addition to which a modest amount of extra information must be provided.
    Register here: My Team

    Please note that if you are the contact person for more than one team, you need to complete a separate information form for each of the teams.
  • Match and Results
    On www.norhalne.cup.dk frontpages you find link to "Match and Results" please use this to find latest information concerning Match time and results. The tournament schedule for the preliminary round will be at this site from April 29th.  You can always find last new schedule and changes there. 
    Please notice that you will not receive a copy of it by post. always last new edition on our website or in our App.

  • Play time and new match
    5 a side play 2 x 15 min and 8 and 11 a side play 2 x 20 min. Our elite teams all play 2 x 25 min. 
    Between the two halftime there is only 3-4 min to drink some water and between all matches, we have a rest of 5 min, so please leave the pitch quick and be ready when it is your turn to play. This is very importnant for us, not to delaye the games and program of the day. Each team might bring as many players as they want, but for matches use only  5 + 3 and 8 + 5 og 11 + 5 players. 

  • Dispensation
    At Nørhalne Cup each team is allowed to use 3 players, who are born within six months of the age group in questions (in 5 and 8 a side, only 2 players) We need the information on players before the tournament begins, so please fill in the forms at Dispensation before April 29th 2024.
    All names of players with age dispensation will be public at Approved dispensation from April 8th.
  • Souvenir shop
    It is possible to buy a T-shirt, Polo Shirt and other souvenirs with the Nørhalne logo on it. You will have to visit Souvenir shop to order this.
    Under Souvenir Shop, there is further information, and a form to fill in. If you want to order something.
    You can pay on invoice, or pay in cash upon arrival. All your order will be ready, in the stadium information office, where you are playing your first match in the tournament, on Thursday. 
  • Accommodation
    Normal accommodation is in a school, but we also offer you, the opportunity to stay in a hotel or in our vacation center, so please contact us, and we will offer you cheap alternative incl. all tournament, food etc. Find more information on point Hotel / Youth Hostels
    Also for the Parents, we have possibility, either in hotels or at the Holiday Resorts. Please contact us on CUP@IFN.DK  or look at point Hotel & Holiday Resort

    When you arrive at the schools it is necessary upon arrival to pay a deposit on 100 € per team. This amount to return upon departure subject to their being no damage to your accommodation during your stay. If a club should bring three teams or more on same school, the deposit will be 250 € for all teams.

    We are trying to arrange for teams to stay as close their playing pitches as possible. Therefore, an accommodation plan will not be ready until 2 weeks before the tournament begins. This information will appear on the website Accommodation Cup - Also how to travelling to the tournament 
  • Sandwich at Wednesday.
    On arrival on Wednesday before the tournament, it will be possible to buy a Sandwich pack – with a large Sandwich with chicken meat, a juice drink and an apple.
    You have to pre-order this in MyTeam. The Sandwich will be ready for you, at your school or accommodation from Wednesday evening at 19.00. This will be on the invoice with other payment. Price 2024 is 7 Euro.  
  • Travelling to the tournament
    We can assist with transport from Copenhagen and Sjælland to the Nørhalne Cup. Price on application. We will pick up your teams by coach, and take you to your accommodation and arrange the return journey on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. We can do the same at all arrival points by land, sea and air in Denmark. Prices on application.
    Contact us:  cup@ifn.dk or +45 2249 1104 or register at MyTeam. The payment will be on the invoice with other payment. 
  • Team List 
    In MyTeam,  you will also find a Team list. We kindly ask you, to print and present to us in the information on that stadium, where you are playing your first match on Thursday morning. We will check the identification (Passports or other ID) of all players prior to your first match of the tournament.
  • Camping
    It is possible for parents to camp or stay in tents next to the school, where one`s team is accommodated at Nørhalne cup. For parents, to be allowed to do so, they must fill in the form on www.Norhalne-cup.dk - camping Parents   All camping must be registered and paid before the tournament.
  • Referees to Nørhalne Cup.
    We are using lots referees in Nørhalne cup. We are playing nearly 1800 games, and some of these are with 3 referees, so we need as many referees as we can get. Do you know any referees, who would like to come to Denmark, please contact me. The referees have a great social experience with fellow referees from many countries.

  • Wash your playsuit
    We can offer to wash your playsuit. On all schools there is an information office where you can deliver playsuit in the evening and get it back again in the morning – Washed and easily tumble-dried.
    Price for the service is 225 danish kroner for 1 set of clothes. We can`t give any guarantee for press and advertising on shirts. You need to pay for service in school information and in cash.
  • SPORTSMASTER cooperate
    In cooperate with Sportsmaster, it will be a possibility to find good offers on sports articles in 2 stadium Aabybro and in Nørhalne stadium there is a souvenir shop. Please vist our shops in these places. 
    At all stadiums for Nørhalne Cup it will be possible to buy Nørhalne Cup souvenirs in our information and you can se more at this page:  Souvenir shop   

  • Nørhalne Elite Cup
    Elite teams playing 11-a-side will play all their matches at Aalborg BK`s training facility at Hornevej 2, DK-9220 Aalborg Ø. Special buses will be running to pick you up and take you between your place of accommodation and your match venue.
    Therefore please let us know whether you have your own bus or other vehicles – and thus do not need to use our extra service.
    Find bus timetables during cup at the front page: Bus Nørhalne cup 

    Elite teams playing 8-a-side will play their matches in Nørhalne. The majority of 8-a-side elite teams will be staying close to one of our 2 bus routes and can use these buses. If, however, you are staying at a hotel or holiday resort, special buses are also available to pick you up. In such cases, please also let us know if you have your own bus or private vehicles.

    Bus timetables will appear on the main page of the website – Bus Nørhalne Cup   
  • Any further questions
    Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup
    Martin Frandsen 0045 2249 1104


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Nørhalne Cup

Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup is an international tournament for Boys and girls and for Elite / Academy teams. The tournament is well organized and ran throughout and players love their experience, both on and of the pitch.

Idrætsforeningen FREMAD Nørhalne
Gustav Zimmersvej 27, Nørhalne
9430 Vadum


Please contact us for more information, ask for brochure or sign in the tournament.

  +45 4040 3856

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