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During the course of the many years in which we have held the tournament, Nørhalne Cup has grown in size, and it is a pleasure to see that many clubs return year after year to compete in the tournament, the success of which is built on the extensive experience of the management 

and the fact that it welcomes a huge number of different teams, whatever the age
and ability of the players. It is a pleasure to have both boys’ teams and girls’ teams.

We have a strong tournament for girls featuring teams from several countries, whilst teams from many nations also compete in our boys’ tournament. This international flavour is one of the great attractions of the tournament, and the chance to play against players of the same age from other nations helps to further the development of any team.


In order to be able to continue to attract a wide range of international teams, 
we have established a large number of excellent friendships and  Contacts throughout Europe, Russia, the USA, Brazil and in Africa, all of whom work hard to find and assist teams that wish to take part in Nørhalne Cup. 


Good friendships and relations mean a lot to us and our tournament, and it is not without a degree of pride that we can reflect that we have been working with Dues Sportsrejser in Norway in connection with Nørhalne Cup for almost 30 years.
Times changes and now we work with our friends from SØR Sportsrejser, Norway, this collaboration we are extremely happy to develop along with SØR Sportsrejser’s very capable personnel.    Norway teams - please Join in at SØR Sportsrejser                

In Sweden we have a business partner in OLKA sportsrejser - and ask Swedish teams to sign in at them : https://olka.se/cuper/fotboll/danmark/norhalne-cup/


Partneres In Finland and the Netherlands, whilst another source of pride is our relationship with football’s motherland, as evidenced by the huge number of English teams that have participated in Nørhalne Cup over the years, where they always make popular opponents


UK Teams has taken part in Nørhalne Cup and has been in Nørhalne on training camps and football schools more than 180 times with a variety of different teams and we have an official partner with responsibility for the whole of the UK - Marc Tracy, who has a fantastic knowledge of youth football in England and has worked with young players for many years, helping and Scouting players to now playing in UK football. 

Without these partners our tournament would just not be the same, and they make a huge contribution to our tournament being able to enjoy international status.



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Nørhalne Cup

Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup is an international tournament for Boys and girls and for Elite / Academy teams. The tournament is well organized and ran throughout and players love their experience, both on and of the pitch.

Idrætsforeningen FREMAD Nørhalne
Gustav Zimmersvej 27, Nørhalne
9430 Vadum


Please contact us for more information, ask for brochure or sign in the tournament.

  +45 4040 3856

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