Program Nørhalne Cup
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Program Nørhalne Cup


Nørhalne cup are making a very large program with all information about our Tournament - This program can be read here - 


Program for 2023 will be at this page at May 08 - 2023


NØRHALNE CUP PROGRAM 2023 - Read it here 



We makes nice brochurer 2023 . See brochure - tab on picture  





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Nørhalne Cup

Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup is an international tournament for Boys and girls and for Elite / Academy teams. The tournament is well organized and ran throughout and players love their experience, both on and of the pitch.

Idrætsforeningen FREMAD Nørhalne
Gustav Zimmersvej 27, Nørhalne
9430 Vadum


Please contact us for more information, ask for brochure or sign in the tournament.

  +45 4040 3856

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