ELITE TEAMS AND ALSO NØRHALNE CUP TEAMS which are staying in youth hostels, Holiday resorts have a special schedule for buses driving them to their matches.


Our Elite teams playing 11-a-side are driven directly from where they are staying to the venue at which their matches are scheduled to be played.


If a team does not have its own cars or bus, our buses drive between the match venue and the team in question’s place of accommodation.


There is a separate bus timetable for elite 11-a-side, 8-a-side and Nørhalne Cup teams staying at hotels or youth hostels, which will appear on the page "CUPINFO" - transport, shortly before the tournament starts.

This timetable initially applies to Thursday – please refer to the timetable for Friday and Saturday which will subsequently appear on the page. - CUPINFO

Elite teams playing 8-a-side who do not have their own cars or bus may use our free buses which run between the schools and the match venues.