Team Fee is 160 Euro pr. team in 5 vs 5

Team Fee is 222 Euro pr. team in 8 and 11 a side


Participant Card A cost 110Euro
Includes: Participation in the tournament, full board from breakfast on Thursday May 30th to breakfast on Sunday June 1th, school accommodation, personly gift for all players, trophy for all teams, free tournament bus transport.

Card B cost 135 Euro per person.
Includes: Same as card A but also entry ticket to Faarup Sommerland
(Bus transport to Faarup not included)


Card E cost 121 Euro - for the elite teams 

Prices and further information for Elite teams - please visit


Hotel / Hostel – If you would like accommodation at our very fine Holiday center, or a hotel or youth hostel, there are several options available.


Groups who arrange their own private accommodation will not be accepted.

Faarup Sommerland – All participants at Nørhalne Cup have the chance to visit Faarup Sommerland. 

Faarup Sommerland is located 20 km from Nørhalne and is one of Denmark’s most successful amusement parks with lots of opportunities for fun and activities. Once admission has been paid, all the rides and attractions are free.
If you need transport to Faarup Sommerland, the cost is 9 Euro per person.


We also have special offers for all parents who wish to follow their team.


If you in UK or Ireland need any further information, please contact us
or our UK representative, 
Dominic Knighton at