Nordjysk Fodboldgolf


We work together with Nordjysk Fodboldgolf – a challenging 18-hole football golf course just outside Nørhalne.


If your team arrives before the schools or hotels are open for check-in or if you have time on your hands prior to departure, we can arrange a round for you.


If a team is able to find time in their tournament schedule, we can promise you a great experience for players of all ages. It is definitely well worth a visit.

A great competitive sport in which your skills and willingness to take a risk are in the spotlight. 


Contact us if you wish to book a round of football golf  (Footballgolf is inside our circle line bus system) The price of one or more rounds on the course, bought at us will be 8 Euro pr. person and if you need a bus to take you there, the price of the bus is 9 Euro 


Contact us at or call us on +45 4040 3856.   // Special prices for participators in the Norhalne cup


During the tournament you can contact us on our tournament information no. +45 9826 8675 – and ask to speak to Jette or Jesper.


Nørhalne Cup hopes you have a great time at this exciting course