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Hotel & Holiday Resort


Nørhalne cup wish to help Parent who want to support their son or daughter in our Tournament, and have made reservation in many places, to have something to offer for a Parent stay during Nørhalne Cup.

Hotel and Holiday resort - If you would like accommodation at a hotel or youth hostel, Holiday Resort, there are several options available. Look at our offers and make reservation at Cup@ifn.dk. You will receive an invoice from us for stay payment in April 2019


Accommodation at Nørhalne cup for Parents                2022         Places markt with red is sold out for 2022


1. Holiday center Tranum Klit                                  
with swimmingpool. You will have an apartment with 2 sleeping rooms both with a double bed. The apartment has toilet and bath and there is kitchen and TV room.

We can offer this place incl. final cleaning, water, electricity use and Cancellation 35 days.

2 nights at Tranum Klit Holiday Center – Parents apartment.       1 to 4 pers.        430 Euro /  ? GBP

3 nights at Tranum Klit Holiday Center – Parents apartment.       1 to 4 pers.        444 Euro /  ? GBP

4 nights at Tranum Klit Holiday Center – Parents apartment.       1 to 4 pers.        484 Euro /  ? GBP

Service pack with duvet cover and 2 towels                                      pr. person           15 Euro /  ? GBP          


2. Closed

3. Holiday Apartments.    
These Apartments have place for 2-4 person. Placed in a quiet place in the wood and close to a beach. The Apartments has one big room with twin beds and there is a loft room with place for 2 persons. The price Incl. final cleaning and all electricity use and also Breakfast

1 Person in Faarup Skovhus Parents apartment      Pr. night pr. apart incl. service pack                    94 Euro

2 Person in Faarup Skovhus Parents apartment      Pr. Night pr. apart incl. service pack                  100 Euro    

3 Person in Faarup Skovhus Parents apartment      Pr. Night pr. apart incl. service pack                  115 Euro     

4 Person in Faarup Skovhus Parents apartment      Pr. Night pr. apart incl. service pack                  122 Euro      

Possibility to buy evening dinner in restaurant – players menu     pr. person                                        10 Euro             


4Hotel in center of Aalborg
This is a very nice budget hotel and we offer rooms for 1-2-3-4 persons. Our Hotel is close to the Elite playground. This hotel placed in centrum of City Aalborg and price incl. breakfast.

It will be possible to buy evening dinner same menu as players – orders up front, or having evening dinner in a restaurant in city. Price incl. breakfast. / Internet /

Economy 1 bed room                                                                            pr. night             80 Euro /  ? GBP          

Standard 2 beds room / beds over each other.                                pr. night           108 Euro /  ? GBP

Standard 3 beds room / beds over each other + 1 bed                   Pr. night           138 Euro /  ? GBP

Standard 4 beds room / 2 x 2 beds over each other                       pr. night           175 Euro /  ? GBP

Captain room – normal single bed room, fine room                       pr. night             98 Euro /  ? GBP

Captain room – normal twin bed room, fine room                          pr. night           125 Euro /  ? GBP

Parents evening dinner at hotel – players menu                             pr. person          10 Euro /  ? GBP          

Car parking possibility in Hotel parking house.                                            


 5. Hotel in Center of Nørhalne Cup    

This place is very good for all parents, because it is close to all playgrounds and center for all bus routes.
Hotel have fine rooms for 1-2-3 person and serve breakfast 

and evening dinner in the Restaurant. 

The price incl. Breakfast and free parking

Standard single room                                                                                  Pr. night           98 Euro /   ? GBP

Standard Twin bed room                                                                            Pr. night         125 Euro /   ? GBP

Standard Twin bed room + 1 bed                                                              Pr. night         151 Euro /   ? GBP

Evening dinner – players menu – ordered upfront.                                Pr. Night          10 Euro /   ? GBP


 6. Rødhus Klit Camping   
Cheap offer for fine stay - Camping Cabins on a Camping site very close to our Holiday center Rødhus. We can offer 2 kind of Cabin. One Standard with place for 6 persons and with a kitchen or Luxury cabin with kitchen, bath and dishwasher, with place for 6 persons.
All Prices is with all electricity, end cleaning and with passport for Camping.

1. Night standard Cabin                  121 Euro   ? GBP                  1 night luxury Cabin 155 Euro   ? GBP

2. Night standard Cabin                  175 Euro   ? GBP                  2 night luxury Cabin 235 Euro   ? GBP

3. Night standard Cabin                  229 Euro   ? GBP                  3 night luxury Cabin 310 Euro   ? GBP

4. Night standard Cabin                  283 Euro   ? GBP                  4 night luxury Cabin 390 Euro   ? GBP       

cover for beds cost 13,5 Euro - or bring your own.


7. Course Center Tranum Strand 
Close to our Holiday resort but this place have no swimming pool. Place have fine Family rooms for 2 to 6 person and all rooms have bath and toilet. Free Wifi

Breakfast and evening dinner Thur+Fri+Sat – players menu included in price.

2. Night 1. Person cost 162 Euro + 80 Euro pr. person more in room

3. Night 1. Person cost 242 Euro + 80 Euro pr. person more in room

4. Night 1. Person cost 322 Euro + 80 Euro pr. person more in room

Bed cover cost 10 Euro pr. person.


8. Village Inn - with nice rooms in terraced houses. Her we offer single bed and twin bed room, and also rooms with a sofa bed for children. It is a fine place, quiet and peacefull and not so far away from pitches - around 5 to 25 min. in car. Price incl. Breakfast and at the Village Inn offer evening dinner menu with a fair price. 

Single bed 1 night incl. Breakfast cost - 94 Euro

Twin bed room 1 night incl. Breakfast cost - 112 Euro

Sofa bed 1 person + 27 Euro and 2 children under 12 year + 54 Euro 



If you have any other request, please contact us.


Nørhalne cup Manager

Per Jeppesen

Cup@ifn.dk  /   0045 40403856



Sponsorer og Samarbejdspartnere


Nørhalne Cup

Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup is an international tournament for Boys and girls and for Elite / Academy teams. The tournament is well organized and ran throughout and players love their experience, both on and of the pitch.

Idrætsforeningen FREMAD Nørhalne
Gustav Zimmersvej 27, Nørhalne
9430 Vadum


Please contact us for more information, ask for brochure or sign in the tournament.

  +45 4040 3856

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