Nørhalne Cup offers 3 types of participant card.


A or B card for boys and girls taking part in Nørhalne Cup 
E card for participants in Nørhalne Elite Cup.


These pages contain information concerning accommodation options for your team – players, coaches and parents.


Hotel / Hostel – If you would like accommodation at a hotel or youth hostel, there are several options available.
Please contact us if you require offers for accompanying parents and supporters.


Bus transport – If you do not have a bus at your disposal you can use the tournament bus system between all schools and match venues. 
The tournament buses run several times every hour and are free for all participants.

We try to ensure that teams can stay as close to their match venues as possible. As a result, the accommodation plan will not be ready until 2 weeks before the tournament begins. This information will appear on this website.


Elite Teams playing 11-a-side or teams staying at a holiday resort or another hotel that do not have cars or buses at their disposal will have a special timetable for buses driving to their matches - please refer to "CUP INFO"

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




3-6-2011 Nørhalne cup foto Elite-28   Piger