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Register players and coaches    //   Registration of players, coaches and other officials must take place via this website


Deadline for registration is 25 April 2022

It is important that we receive all information before this date, as your invoice will be based on this information and must be paid prior to Nørhalne Cup.

Various additional purchases and services can be ordered on the website, in addition to which a modest amount of extra information must be provided.

Please note that if you are the contact person for more than one team, you need to complete a separate information form for each of the teams.




Club name:

Responsible leader


Invoice address

Contact person:
Postcode & town:

Information to Tournament

A cardNumber of Players with stay, food and tournamentPrice: 118 Euro
A cardNumber of coaches and officials with teamPrice: 118 Euro
B cardPlayers - Same as A card + Entre paid for Faarup SummerlandPrice: 143 Euro
B cardCoaches and officials – Same as card A + Entre SummerlandPrice: 143 Euro
E cardElite players with stay, food and tournamentPrice: 129 Euro
E cardElite coaches with stay, food and tournamentPrice: 129 Euro
ParentsParents want entre for Faarup Summerland - TicketsPrice: 26 Euro
FårupWe need tournament bus for transport to and from FaarupPrice: 10 Euro p.p.
StayWe have ordered Hotel, Holiday resort stay at Nørhalne cup   
StayWe participate with stay in a school class   
ArriveWe expect to arrive to tournament
DepartureWe expect to departure from tournament
MatchesWe expect to use own cars or bus for our matches   

Shirt colour

Shirt colour 1:
Shirt colour 2:

Do you want us to arrange transport to and from / Airport – Port – Railways Station (Lindholm station)
If yes, please state where and when – prices on application, thank you.

Transport from

Departure time:

Return to

Departure time:

Extra buy – Wednesday Sandwich pack – Ready at your stay after 19.00 / Price per person 7 Euro

Wednesday - Sandwich with chicken, juice and fruitPrice 7 Euro p.p.
Extra buy – We want entre Tickets for Football golf – open all days 09-21Price: Grown up Euro 11 Euro and boys and girls under 18 price 8 Euro p.p.

Please fill in and send us information as soon as possible. We need information before April 25th – 2022

You'll receive a confirmation on screen and by e-mail.

When we receive information, you will have an invoice for payment on the email address for invoice.

This invoice needed to be paid before Tournament.

Nørhalne Cup – Per L. Jeppesen mail: Cup@ifn.dk / 0045 40403856

Sponsorer og Samarbejdspartnere


Nørhalne Cup

Nørhalne Cup & Nørhalne Elite Cup is an international tournament for Boys and girls and for Elite / Academy teams. The tournament is well organized and ran throughout and players love their experience, both on and of the pitch.

Idrætsforeningen FREMAD Nørhalne
Gustav Zimmersvej 27, Nørhalne
9430 Vadum


Please contact us for more information, ask for brochure or sign in the tournament.

  +45 4040 3856

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